16 June 2024

Jamie Coleman & Ross Lambert

Jamie Coleman is an accomplished trumpet player and has been playing with Nathaniel Catchpole, Alex James, John Edwards and Eddie Prévost, Guillaume Viltard and many other improvisers.

Ross Lambert is an Irish free improvisation guitarist and “magnetic and vibrating sources” player. Visual artist. Writer. Designer.

BARK! - Rex Caswell, Paul Obermayer & Phil Marks

BARK! comprises Rex Caswell on guitar, Phillip Marks on percussion and Paul Obermayer on sampler.

mcddavid & Jörg Hufschmidt

Hanover based mcddavid is part of the Mopomoso Team. As an improviser mcddavid developed techniques without touching the instrument. He makes chaos poems and subversive performances with balloons and pipe-cleaners. He has composed two operas involving audience participation for Mopomoso.

The sound artist Jörg Hufschmidt (Hanover) is known for his experimental/artistic dialogue between painting, sound performance, drawing and music.

Vortex Jazz Club, 11 Gillett Square, London, N16 8AZ
2pm, 16 June 2024
£12, £8