Faradena Afifi

Faradena Afifi: Founder of The Noisy Women Present, and The Noisy People’s Improvising Orchestra, Fara is also an Initiator, Connector and Performer. Faradena is a person with neurodiversity who has mixed Afghan/British heritage. She is a T’ai Chi Chuan practitioner/instructor, folk singer and improvising community musician who plays bowed string instruments, piano and percussion. She also specialises in healing music and T’ai Chi-based exercises for people with learning differences and brain injuries/conditions.

Adam Bohman

Adam Bohman has been operating on the outer fringes of underground music for decades. Working with home-built instruments, found objects, tape cut-ups, collages, ink drawings and graphic scores. Favouring acoustic sounds over electronics, he explores the minute tendrils of sounds coaxed from any number of non-musical instruments and objects. He is a member of British experimental groups, Morphogenesis, The Bohman Brothers, Secluded Bronte, and The London Improvisers Orchestra. Adam’s music is unique and experimental, incorporating Fluxus japery, musique concrete, sound poetry and free improvisation.

Mark Browne

Mark Browne is a saxophonic symbolic system of soprano and sopranino. His metaphor exists in the terrible deaths of dog-toys, cockpit, Cockshill, Coxhill music Bohman, Bohman, Crow. In the fetishisation of vibrations on copper. His instruments are coerced in a sault-somer of malapert systems. He works within a fine power-mesh that destroys the puritanicaldynamics of accepted sound. A fanatic of disaster. A fastidious amateur of grief. He destabilises both the physical and psychological through his art.

Lawrence Casserley

He is best known for his work in free improvised music, particularly real-time processing of other musicians’ sound, and he has devised a special computer processing instrument for this work. He has worked with many of the finest improvisers, particularly Evan Parker, with whom he works frequently as a duo partner, in various larger groupings and in the Evan Parker Electro-Acoustic Ensemble. He also works as a soloist, processing sounds from voice, percussion and home-made instruments.

Viv Corringham

Viv Corringham (voice) is a US based British vocalist and sound artist, who has been described as “a vital force in improvised music since the late 1970s” (Corey Mwamba, BBC Radio 3).

She has been cutting her own distinctive path ranging across free improvisation, Greek Rembetika, soundscapes and spontaneously created songs. Work includes concerts, soundwalks, workshops and installations. She is a certified teacher of Deep Listening, having studied with composer Pauline Oliveros, and holds an MA in Sonic Art from Middlesex University, London.

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