Faradena Afifi

Photo by Seán Kelly

Faradena Afifi: Founder of The Noisy Women Present, and The Noisy People’s Improvising Orchestra, Fara is also an Initiator, Connector and Performer. Faradena is a person with neurodiversity who has mixed Afghan/British heritage. She is a T’ai Chi Chuan practitioner/instructor, folk singer and improvising community musician who plays bowed string instruments, piano and percussion. She also specialises in healing music and T’ai Chi-based exercises for people with learning differences and brain injuries/conditions.

Mark Browne

Mark Browne is a saxophonic symbolic system of soprano and sopranino. His metaphor exists in the terrible deaths of dog-toys, cockpit, Cockshill, Coxhill music Bohman, Bohman, Crow. In the fetishisation of vibrations on copper. His instruments are coerced in a sault-somer of malapert systems. He works within a fine power-mesh that destroys the puritanicaldynamics of accepted sound. A fanatic of disaster. A fastidious amateur of grief. He destabilises both the physical and psychological through his art.
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