21 April 2024

  • John Butcher, Phil Durrant & Mark Wastell
  • N.O.Moore, Dom Lash & Roger Turner
  • Mike Adcock & Stuart Wilding

17 March 2024

  • Viv Corringham & Maggie Nicols
  • Marilza Gouvea
  • Maja-Leigh Rosenwasser & Sue Lynch

18 February 2024

  • Chris Dowding, Ranieri Spina & Hannah Marshall
  • Martin Hackett, Julian Faultless & John Bissett
  • Olga Ksendzovska

21 January 2024

  • John Butcher & Pascal Marzan
  • Si Paton
  • Douglas Benford, Roland Ramanan, Ecka Mordecai & Sylvia Hallett

17 December 2023

And it’s the Mopomoso Christmas Party again! Mopomoso is the UK’s longest running concert series dedicated to freely improvised music! Come and join us on Sunday 17th December, kicking off earlier than usual at 12pm! There’ll be around 37 musicians this month, plus a silent film (which musicians will play to LIVE) collated by Ebba Jahn, including 17 international film-makers. Musicians include: Paul Pignon Alan Wilkinson Lawrence Casserley / Martin Hackett John Bissett / George Garford / Julian Woods Olga Ksendzovska / Eli Evdokimova Chris Hill / Alan Newcombe Steve Beresford / Faradena Afifi / Maham Suhail Pascal Marzan / Roger Turner Paul Jolly / Geoff Eales / Maggie Nicols Phil Minton Lisa Reim Matt Hutchinson Chris Holley / Faradena Afifi / Nicky Smith / Jane Hollingworth / Bettina Schroeder Susanna Ferrar Pascal Marzan / Henry McPherson / Jakub Rokita Paul Taylor Ivor Kallin Paul Jolly John Eyles Edward Shipsey Jerry Wigens / Pascal Marzan / Neil Metcalfe Dave Tucker There’ll be party food.

26 November 2023

Trio CZW Formed in 2019, Trio CZW brings together the rich backgrounds of its musicians. Trio CZW are Maureen Wolloshin (oboe and cor anglais), Paul Cheneour (flutes), and Alistair Zaldua (e-violin). The work of all three soloists is critically acclaimed. This is a rare opportunity to hear them together. Our improvisations are informed by scores written by each of us. Our album Where the Wind Takes Us was released by Pan y Rosas Discos in 2021.

22 October 2023

Jackson Burton (voice) & Ash Reid (clarinet, voice etc) Ash and Jackson have been collaborating together for over 10 years, working with scores, text pieces and action based performances that address class and gender in relation to where they grew up. Recent performances have included Cafe OTO, The Fruit Market and Hundred Years Gallery. Ash Reid is a performer and sometime writer, avid texter, current bar tender and former thought owner.

24 September 2023

Alan Tomlinson (trombone) & Steve Beresford (piano) Viv Corringham (voice) & Lawrence Casserley (processing) with Yoko Miura (piano/melodica) mcddavid (guitar and things) & Yoko Miura (piano/melodica) Un coup d’Ariel by mToo (Mopomoso Tv Organisers Orchestra) comprising: mcddavid Tim Fletcher Viv Corringham Pascal Marzan James Wykeham

23 September 2023

An innovative pop-up art show is coming to Luton on the day of the Autumnal equinox - set against the historical interiors of St. Mary’s church in Luton town centre. Featuring acoustic performances by acclaimed British and international free improvisers, many of whom members of the longest running improvised event Mopomoso, established by the late John Russell, as well as several Luton’s improvisers. The free spirited, musical performances using a variety of classical, improvised and electronic instruments will be accompanied by a display of ceramic and photographic work by Luton and Hertfordshire artists: Faye Munroe, Claire Davies and Anna Fairchild and interwoven by screenings of short films and animations by film-makers both local and international.

27 August 2023

Mark Browne (saxophone, objects etc) Adam Bohman (amplified objects etc) Noisy Women Julian Woods (microtonal guitar etc) Maggie Nicols (voice) Marion Treby (piano, voice) Joanne Morrison (voice, movement, objects) Faradena Afifi (voice, movement, strings) Riley Mackenzie (Electronics)

23 July 2023

Sarah Gail Brand (trombone) & Alex MaGuire (piano) Julian Woods (guitar) & George Garford (saxophone) & John Bisset (lapsteel) Acoustic Survey: Paul Jolly (reeds etc) Simon McCorry (cello, electronics) Jakub Rokita (harmonica, electronics)

25 June 2023

Emil Karlsen (drums) & Dom Lash (guitar) Sue Ferrar (solo violin) Phil Minton (voice) & Roger Turner (percussion)
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