21 December 2008

The complete set list for our 2008 end of year get together. Owing to camera problems not all sets were recorded. However there are still a lot of recordings here so the page will take a little time to download.

Rick Jensen (tenor sax), Dominic Lash (bass), Dave Solomon (drums) & Noel Taylor (clarinet)

No video available

Gabriel Keen (piano), Bob Peachey (alto sax)

No video available

Adam Bohman (tabletop electronics) & Adrian Northover (soprano sax)

Meat Xylophone - Simon Littlefield (guitar) & Nigel Summerly (drums)

No video available

Viv Corringham (voice) & Lol Coxhill (soprano sax)

No video available

Andrea Caputo (guitar)

No video available

Marcio Mattos (cello), Marilza (voice), Alison Blunt (violin), Rodrigo Montoya (shamisen)

No video available

Daniel Thompson (guitar) & Keith Thompson (alto sax)

No video available

Ian Diplock (horn, bells and klaxon) & John Russell (guitar)

Swift are The Winds of Life - Charlie Collins (drums), Yvonna Magda (violin) & Beatrix Ward-Fernandez (violin)

No video available

Steve Beresford (toy guitars)

Jeff Cloke (electronics), Terry Day (voice) & Max Reed (dance) trio

Pat Thomas (piano), John Coxon (electronics), Roger Turner (drums) & Alex Ward (clarinet)

Phil Minton (voice), Ute Wassermann (voice)

Karl D’Silva (alto sax) & Dominic Lash (bass)

Martin Speake (alto sax) & Dave Solomon (drums)

Leila Adu (voice), Steve Beresford (piano) & Hannah Marshall (cello) trio

No video available.

Harry Gilonis (words), Richard Barrett (guitar) & John Russell (guitar)

No video available

Kay Grant (voice) & Hannah Marshall (cello)

No video available

Scatter - Pat Thomas (piano), Phil Minton (voice), Roger Turner (drums) & Dave Tucker (guitar)

Alexander Hawkins (piano) & Tony Marsh (drums)

Lol Coxhill (soprano sax)

Ute Kanngieser (cello) & Guillaume Viltard (bass)

Alan Tomlinson (trombone)

No video available

Ricardo Tejero (tenor sax), Will Connors (percussion), Adam Bohman (tabletop electronics) & Alison Blunt (violin)

Satoko Fukuda (violin), John Russell (guitar) & Fabrizio Spera (drums)

Conductivisation - Steve Beresford (piano), Dominic Lash (bass), Dave Solomon (drums), Ricardo Tejero (tenor sax), Rick Jensen (tenor sax), Marcio Mattos (cello) & Dave Tucker (guitar)

No video available

Vortex Jazz Club, 11 Gillett Square, London, N16 8AZ
2pm, 21 December 2008
£8, £5