17 November 2013

To coincide with the 2013 London Jazz Festival a concert from guitarist John Russell’s Quaqua group, this time as a 14 piece international ensemble. The evening starts and finishes with the full ensemble and in between are smaller combinations picked by Russell. The individual musician’s experiences cover an enormous range and there is a similarly wide diversity in their approaches to playing music. The common ground is a shared love of free improvisation and a desire to play music together. ‘When you hear music, after it’s gone, in the air, you can never capture it again’ Eric Dolphy

Tutti (Intro)

Beresford / Eldridge / Shimada / Solberg

Bohman / Burn / Grant / Russell / Gutvik / Shimada

Linson / Mayes / Musson / Mimmo

Bohman / Linson / Grant / Mimmo / Shimada

Beresford / Musson / Gutvik / Burn

Mayes / Solberg / Russell / Eldridge

Tutti (Closing)

Vortex Jazz Club, 11 Gillett Square, London, N16 8AZ
2pm, 17 November 2013
£8, £5