21 December 2014

A highlight on the improvising calendar, it’s that time of year again for the delights of our Christmas party. A chance to hook up with old friends and meet new ones, it’s a great way to see some fine musicians in a more informal setting and experience the wide variety to be found in this music.

This year’s event takes place in the afternoon, and heralds a move to afternoon concerts – still on the third Sunday of the month – in 2015.

Steve Beresford (piano) & Satoko Fukuda (violin)

Roland Ramanan (trumpet) & Edward Lucas (trombone)

Paul G. Smyth (piano)

Viv Corringham (voice) & Maggie Nichols (voice)

Sylvia Hallett (violin) & Ian McGowan (trumpet)

Kay Grant (voice), Martin Speake (saxophone) & Noel Taylor (clarinet)

Mark Browne (saxophone) & Terry Day (drums)

Loz Speyer (trumpet) & Dave Fowler (drums, percussion)

Matt Hutchinson (piano) & Martin Speake (saxophone)

Paul G. Smyth (piano) & Noel Taylor (clarinet)

Klaus Bru (saxophone) & Terry Day (drums)

Matt Scott (accordion)

Kay Grant (voice) & Tom Jackson (clarinet)

Roland Ramanan Big Band: Roland Ramanan (trumpet), Kay Grant (voice), Edward Lucas (trombone), Martin Speake (saxophone), Tom Jackson (clarinet) & Terry Day (drums)

Dave Tucker Quintet: Dave Tucker (piano), Matt Scott (accordion), Ian McGowan (trumpet), Mark Browne (saxophone) & Terry Day (drums)

Vortex Jazz Club, 11 Gillett Square, London, N16 8AZ
2pm, 21 December 2014
£8, £5