21 April 2019

Four world class duos showcasing the diversity and excellence found in free improvisation

Yoni Silver & Joshua Weitzel

Mixing music and action, sound and silence two performers who share an interest in the construction of music in real time

Martin Speake & Alyson Cawley

A duo versed in jazz but who also take their music into to the exploration of world rhythms, they here bring these shared experiences to bear on free improvisation.

Steve Beresford & Pascal Marzan

A fine pairing of two Mopomoso favourites, they have worked together over a number of years and show a keen understanding of each other’s musicality enabling them to allow each other the opportunity to give full expression to the unfolding music.

Phil Minton & John Russell

This duo have been performing for many years and have appeared around the world presenting their dynamic and engaging music on a variety of platforms to much acclaim. A clip of a previous Vortex performance went viral reaching over 370,000 views on Facebook alone. Don’t miss them while you have the chance!

Vortex Jazz Club, 11 Gillett Square, London, N16 8AZ
2pm, 21 April 2019
£8, £5