22 October 2023

Jackson Burton (voice) & Ash Reid (clarinet, voice etc)

Ash and Jackson have been collaborating together for over 10 years, working with scores, text pieces and action based performances that address class and gender in relation to where they grew up. Recent performances have included Cafe OTO, The Fruit Market and Hundred Years Gallery.

Ash Reid is a performer and sometime writer, avid texter, current bar tender and former thought owner.

Harry Gilonis (voice) & Eddie Prévost (percussion)

Harry is a poet, editor, publisher and critic writing on art, poetry and music. Recent books include Forty Fungi, poems about common English mushrooms illustrated by the artist Erica van Horn (Coracle Press) and eye-blink, from Veer Books (deliberately ‘faithless’ translations of T’ang Dynasty Chinese poetry). He is the only living poet published on the lawn of London’s Serpentine Gallery. Drummer Eddie Prévost was born on June 22, 1942 in England. As a teenager he played drums in Skiffle and trad jazz bands before showing signs of the creative musician that was forming. After his initial exposure to his greatest influences Max Roach and Ed Blackwell, Prévost became fascinated with the endless possibilities of improvisation. He began incorporating all sorts of non-traditional percussion with his standard drum kit. In 1965 he co-founded the English improv ensemble AMM with saxophonist Leslie Gare and guitarist Keith Rowe.

Geoff Eales (piano), Paul Jolly (reeds) & Ray Jones (spoken word)

Ray will be performing his poetry and that of Bob Kaufman and Dylan Thomas alongside music and words from Geoff Eales and Paul Jolly.

Maria Sappho (piano)

Maria Sappho is a Puerto Rican American, currently working as an improviser, artist and researcher in the UK. She is a member of the Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra (GIO) and founding member of the Noisebringers ensemble (CH/UK). She is a winner of the BBC Radiophophonic Daphne Oram award (2021), Dewar awards (2018) and New Piano Stars Competition (2015). She has worked with a number of large ensembles; International Contemporary Ensemble (US), BBC Scottish symphony orchestra, Australian Art Orchestra, and the Instant Composers Pool (ND).
Vortex Jazz Club, 11 Gillett Square, London, N16 8AZ
2pm, 22 October 2023
£12, £8