Live and Luscious in Luton

Image Credits John Salmon
Wikimedia Commons
Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic

Mopomoso will be live and luscious in Luton on Saturday 23rd September for the Equinoks site-specific event, from 2 till 6.

It will be a pop-up art event with fine art, short form video and of course tons of improvised music.

The venue is St. Mary’s church - a 900 year old site with fabulous acoustics, located in the town centre.

With over 11 performers - dancers, musicians, artists and video artists, performers include Lawrence Casserley, Paul Jolly, Charlotte Keeffe, Viv Corringham, Tomasz Glazik (sax), Sylvia Hallett, Petra Haller, Yoko Miura, Mark Browne, Jakub Rokita, Maria Weiner, with sculptors Anna Fairchild, Claire Davies and Faye Munroe, with video artists Ahmed Salvador and Scott McMahon, Ebba Jahn, and Kristy M Chan.