Mopomoso TV December 2022

Hello and a very warm welcome to December 2022’s Mopomoso TV Xmas episode!

Mopomoso Team’s Viv Corringham recommends this festive winter moptail to accompany today’s show…

Squeeze an orange into a glass and add sparkling water, tonic or sparkling wine.

Top it up with a splash of ginger beer, muddle in some basil, mint or other herb and garnish with pomegranate seeds.

On with the show!

Today we have:

Opener by mToo (MopomosoTvOrganisersOrchestra)

EPONJ Turtle Parade - Anil Eraslan,

Double Bass quartet SEQUOIA: Antonio Borghini – bass; Meinrad Kneer – bass; Klaus Kürvers – bass; Miles Perkin – bass.

Wild Geese Above Dortmund - film by Klaus Kürvers with montage by Ebba Jahn

video with cows and viola in a windy spot by Henry MacPherson

Hikikomori Song by Pat Moonchy, dancer Alice MacIntyre, video Joel Schlemowitz

Le chant des corbeaux avec violon by Matthias Boss

Middle Tier by mToo (MopomosoTvOrganisersOrchestra)

Tim & struPPPi on Incus from mcddavid

Kaffe Matthews, Andreas Gogol, Naabtal Death

live at Tonhalle Hannover

Another movement of “The 3rd Garden” - the 1st mopomoso opera by mcddavid

Suit(e)s Me by Sue Schlotte - cello, for BonMusique in Frankfurt-am-Main.

Els Vandeweyer - vibraphone, for Berta.Berlin

Ioot pt. 3 by mToo (MopomosoTvOrganisersOrchestra)

Birdcage (excerpt) - SEQUOIA double bass quartet - Antonio Borghini, Meinrad Kneer, Klaus Kürvers, Miles Perkin. video minute by Ebba Jahn

Editor: Jakub Rokita @cmykscum

Thank you to everyone involved & thank you for watching!

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