Mopomoso TV June 2024

Hi everyone,

We are delighted to bring you

Sketches of Berlin and MORE…which will show some different approaches from Berlin of improvised music/bands and projects. There are also some fabulous contributions from other artists from around the world. We hope you enjoy it.

Artists in order of appearance:

  1. In these Times part 3 by RSH Improvisation class, Düsseldorf

  1. Momentum #14 - #18 by Sue Schlotte with live painting by Annette Stachs. Cello, voice and video by Sue Schlotte

  1. Skincracks film by Ioana Turcan

in collaboration with Hillevi Duus,

with music by Sylvia Hallett on bowed bicycle wheel with pedal effects.

curated and edited for Video Edition Pavilion and The Wrong Biennale by Ebba Jahn

  1. Neolithic by Acoustic Survey aka Jakub Rokita


Filmed in the Chilterns, UK.

  1. Perlmutt (mother-of-pearl) by EnnaWest (mbira and balloons)

  2. Aloha part 1 by Das Ende der Liebe feat. NaabtalDeath & AGogol

Das Ende Der Liebe

Andreas Völk – Guitar, Voice, FX

Laurenz Gemmer – Prepared Piano, Melodika, Laptop

Kenn Hartwig – Contrabass, E-Bass, KW-Radio, Circuit-Bending

Thomas Sauerborn – drums

plus NaabtalDeath – amplified Zither (, FX and AGogol – electric tabletop guitar, FX (

video by mcddavid

  1. 260.000 Milliseconds - no problem by Ulrike Schöller

  1. Insignification by Kröter

Henry Sargeant vocals, Jo Zahn guitar, Christoph Rothmeier drums, synth

video by Jo Zahn

  1. Mopomoso by Gabby Fluke-Mogul & Fred Frith (voices)

  1. Le Charme du Charme by mcddavid based on a Metastructure of an Ephemeral Kinetic Sculpture of Thoughts initiated by Georg Wissel during a symposium on Improvisation at the Exploratorium in Berlin, with the voices of Richard Scott, Carl Ludwig Hübsch, Mathias Maschat and many others.

  1. in between by John Russell and Roger Turner during jmi Jazzwoche in Hannover Germany in 2011 (video: mcddavid)

We hope to see you at the next Mopomoso TV on September 22nd 2024

Curated by Tim and Ddavid

Editing by Jakub

Countdown intro by Jakub with music by Sylvia