Mopomoso TV March 2023: Matriarchal March

Hello and a very warm welcome to Matriarchal March Mopomoso TV!

Mopomoso Team’s Viv Corringham recommends this fruity and spicy moptail to accompany today’s show…

Muddle some mint leaves in the bottom of a tall glass. Pour on some mango juice and add ice. Top up with a spicy ginger beer and stir it all together. Garnish with a sprig of mint- and a slurp of your favourite alcohol if you feel so inclined…

On with the show!

Today we have:

Gina Southgate (live painting/ performance) and Charles Hayward (drums)

live at Mopomoso London

filmed by Michael Wallis

Faradena Afifi (cello, violin, voice) and Yasuko Kaneko (trombone)

Not (A)part

Film maker Vicky Smith, with sound makers Shirley Pegna, Melanie Clifford and Matt Davies

Stone Saw music Hui-Chun Lin (cello), Klaus Kürvers (double bass) Willi Kellers (drums)

video Ebba Jahn

Charlotte Keeffe (trumpet), Viv Corringham (voice), Sylvia Hallett (violin)

live at Mopomoso London

filmed by Michael Wallis

The Sphinx by Sue Lynch (sax)

Kleinformat by Sue Schlotte (cello) and Annette Stachs (live painting)

video by Sue Schlotte

Maria Sappho (instruments designed with AI and mushrooms at the Swiss AiiA festival)

Petali caduti by Pat Moonchy (voice) and Todd Tobias (multi instruments)

film by Pat Moonchy and Todd Tobias

Right Here - Charlotte Keeffe

Duo with Diego Sampieri (guitar), London Improvisers Orchestra, Charlotte Keeffe Quartet, video montage by Ebba Jahn

Restlicht by Anja Kreysing (film, accordion, electronics)

film by Anja Kreysing

Sheppey Groove by Kat and Tim

suzueri (Elico Suzuki) (piano, toy pianos) and Fumi Endo (objects)

Constant Dripping… by not cute

Aurelie Freoua (visual artist) and Terry Day (drums)

live at Mopomoso London

filmed by Michael Wallis

Telepoetic meeting by Mia Zabelka (violin) and Alain Joule (cello)

A’QUATIC by Martina Detjen (melodica, voice, water bubbles, rattle)


fun is over by Sarah Pudelek

Gwendolyn Kassenaar (visual artist) Hannah Marshall (cello)

and Meg Morley (piano)

live at Mopomoso London

filmed by Michael Wallis

Tanja Feichtmair (sax) and John Russell (guitar)

live at Mopomoso London

Editing and intro: Jakub Rokita @cmykscum

Thank you to everyone involved & thank you for watching!

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Mopomoso TV will return with more freely improvised music from around the world in June 2023.

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