John Bisset

Photo by Seán Kelly

Guitarist, vocalist, improviser and composer, organiser of structures for improvising within (Relay), and film maker.

Improvising and composing with the Manchester Musicians Collective in 1976 and ever since; from 2009 he made films, including collaborations with Ivor Kallin as 213TV, and in 2022 returned to live playing; improvising on lap steel & voice, working with Iris Colomb, Andrew Ciccone, Ed Shipsey, Matt Atkins, and other more recent arrivals on the improvised music scene, mostly emanating from Rick Jensen’s SKRONK open sessions; as well as old acquaintances Jem Finer, Phil Durrant, Chris Cundy, Alex Ward, the London Improvisers Orchestra and Fara Afifi’s Noisy People’s Improvising Orchestra.

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Afternoon Sessions
Afternoon Sessions

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Afternoon Sessions