John Bisset

  • guitar
  • voice

Guitarist, vocalist, improviser and composer, organiser of structures for improvising within (Relay), and film maker.

Improvising and composing with the Manchester Musicians Collective in 1976 and ever since; from 2009 he made films, including collaborations with Ivor Kallin as 213TV, and in 2022 returned to live playing; improvising on lap steel & voice, working with Iris Colomb, Andrew Ciccone, Ed Shipsey, Matt Atkins, and other more recent arrivals on the improvised music scene, mostly emanating from Rick Jensen’s SKRONK open sessions; as well as old acquaintances Jem Finer, Phil Durrant, Chris Cundy, Alex Ward, the London Improvisers Orchestra and Fara Afifi’s Noisy People’s Improvising Orchestra.

Mopomoso Apperances: 2

Afternoon Sessions
Afternoon Sessions

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Afternoon Sessions