Maria Sappho

Maria Sappho is a Puerto Rican American, currently working as an improviser, artist and researcher in the UK. She is a member of the Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra (GIO) and founding member of the Noisebringers ensemble (CH/UK). She is a winner of the BBC Radiophophonic Daphne Oram award (2021), Dewar awards (2018) and New Piano Stars Competition (2015). She has worked with a number of large ensembles; International Contemporary Ensemble (US), BBC Scottish symphony orchestra, Australian Art Orchestra, and the Instant Composers Pool (ND).

Stuart Wilding

Stuart Wilding is an improvising percussionist, playing a mixture of junk percussion, lap harp and cello. He is active in several current collaborations: Ghost Mind, Longstone, Lo-fi Ensemble, Mike Adcock duo, Pete Robson duo, Professori Sognare, Madrona, the Cheltenham Improvisers Orchestra and Chris Cundy’s Speed Hobby. He currently runs the Lo-fi Improvised music Workshops in Camberwell. In the past he has worked in a number of smaller improvising ensembles and with the Flying Down Trio, Hither Green Drone Orchestra and Makeshift. He was also a performer and musician with the Hand in Glove Performance Group.

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