Sue Lynch

Photo by Seán Kelly

Sue Lynch studied fine art at Coventry College of Art. She currently runs The Horse Improvised Music Club with Adam Bohman and Adrian Northover.

Performs with Adam Bohman, Eddie Prevost, Anna Homler, Richard Sanderson, Steve Noble, Crystabel Riley, Caroline Kraabel, Sharon Gal and N.O.Moore.

Recently performed as part of Tarek Atoui’s Reverse Collection at The Tate Modern and performs with the Psychedelic Afro Beat Sudanese band The Scorpios.

Formed, Paradise Yard in 2016-an electro accoustic ensemble, featuring women improvisers, performing at Iklectik, Cafe Oto and The ICA.In 2018, performed at 3 Klange Tag Music &Word Festival, Switzerland with Hildegard Kleeb, at Womad BBC Stage and, Tusk Festival and Guess Who Festival (Utrecht) with The Scorpios. Solo performance at Pied Nu Festival, Le Havre 2019.

Pascal Marzan

Photo by Seán Kelly

Currently living in London, Pascal Marzan performs on a 10 string microtonal guitar. After studying classical guitar – mainly devoted to the twentieth century repertoire – and teaching guitar in several music schools in Budapest, Hungary and France, Pascal has dedicated himself to free improvisation and the exploration of microtonal tunings of his instrument. His playing has been influenced by his interest in the folk musics of Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa.

N.O. Moore

Photo by Seán Kelly

N.O. Moore is an electric guitarist with a parallel interest in electronics and drum machines. As an improviser, he has played with people such as Eddie Prévost, John Butcher, Rachel Musson, John Edwards, Sue Lynch, Alan Wilkinson, Steve Noble, and Steve Beresford. He can now be heard on a number of recordings, including Nous (with Prévost and Jason Yarde) on Matchless, and The Secret Handshake with Danger (with Henry Kaiser, Binker Golding, Olie Brice, and Prévost) on 577.

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