Maya-Leigh Rosenwasser

Maya-Leigh Rosenwasser (she/they) is a performer, improviser and composer and researcher specialising in performing and composing new works for piano (solo and chamber), live electronics and multi-disciplinary ensembles.

Notable performances, compositions and broadcasts include Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival 2023, BBC Radio 3’s Freeness: Circular Wanderings ‘Harbringers of Change’- Cafe Oto (One Orchestra New performance), Made at the Red House residency with Wild Plum Arts (PLASTIC BODIES), and residency and performance with experimental duo flxnflx at Kirkos Ensemble’s Unit 44.

Maria Sappho

Maria Sappho is a Puerto Rican American, currently working as an improviser, artist and researcher in the UK. She is a member of the Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra (GIO) and founding member of the Noisebringers ensemble (CH/UK). She is a winner of the BBC Radiophophonic Daphne Oram award (2021), Dewar awards (2018) and New Piano Stars Competition (2015). She has worked with a number of large ensembles; International Contemporary Ensemble (US), BBC Scottish symphony orchestra, Australian Art Orchestra, and the Instant Composers Pool (ND).

Stuart Wilding

Photo by Seán Kelly

Stuart Wilding is an improvising percussionist, playing a mixture of junk percussion, lap harp and cello. He is active in several current collaborations: Ghost Mind, Longstone, Lo-fi Ensemble, Mike Adcock duo, Pete Robson duo, Professori Sognare, Madrona, the Cheltenham Improvisers Orchestra and Chris Cundy’s Speed Hobby. He currently runs the Lo-fi Improvised music Workshops in Camberwell. In the past he has worked in a number of smaller improvising ensembles and with the Flying Down Trio, Hither Green Drone Orchestra and Makeshift. He was also a performer and musician with the Hand in Glove Performance Group.

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