18 December 2011

Something of an institution in the free improvisation calendar, the Mopomoso Christmas party provides an opportunity to listen to the varied and wide ranging approaches to the music in a less formal and friendly atmosphere. Posted in order of performance. Please note: there are many videos on this page, so it will take time to download

20 November 2011

To coincide with this year’s London Jazz Festival we put together an extended concert with musicians from Spain, France, Norway, Austria, Germany and the UK. Daniel Thompson (guitar), Javier Carmona (drums), Will Connor (percussion) MOTSOL – Ståle Liavik Solberg (drums/percussion) & Stine Janvin Motland (voice) Tom Chant (sax) Schi.Va – Fredi Proell (drums), Udo Schindler (sop. sax/bass clarinet) & Uli Winter (cello) SCATTER – Dave Tucker (guitar), Pat Thomas (piano), Phil Minton (voice) & Roger Turner (drums/percussion) Steve Beresford (piano), Satoko Fukuda (violin) duo

16 October 2011

Redstart - ( Noel Taylor / Noura Sanatian / Benedict Taylor) Simon Rose Beresford / Hutchings / Viltard trio ( Steve Beresford / Shabaka Hutchings / Gullaume Viltard) plus special guest Loius Moholo–Moholo

18 September 2011

Consistently bringing the very best from the free improvised end of things Mopomoso’s September programme has three distinct and intriguing sets. Winters / Marshall / Adato trio The fine voice of Portia Winters and the percussion/electronics forays of Illi Adato are joined by the astounding and much in demand tuba player Oren Marshall. A Mopomoso debut for this established trio, well known to the London free improvisation scene, they promise a music of energy, colour and lightness of touch.

23 August 2011

Third day of John Russell’s annual Fete Quaqua which took place on the 21st, 22nd and 23rd of August 2011. Mopomoso presents John Russell’s annual three day ‘Fete Quaqua’ in an unfolding celebration of the best in free improvisation. A major event in the improvised music calendar and one not to be missed! ‘The basic idea behind all Quaqua projects is to extend existing collaborations in juxtaposition with new groupings and thus provide a fertile ground for free improvisation.

17 July 2011

Charlie Collins / John Jasnoch Alexander Hawkins (piano) Luc Houtkamp / John Russell

19 June 2011

Life is Knife – Audrey Lauro (sax) / Isabelle Sainte-Rose (cello) Yoko Miura (piano) / Lawrence Casserley (electronics) / Raymond McDonald (sax) Trio Blurb – Maggie Nicols (voice) / John Russell (guitar) / Mia Zabelka (violin)

15 May 2011

Mark Browne (castrato saxophone / percussion) Sonic Pleasure (bricks / masonry / metal) Ian Smith (trumpet) Matt Hutchinson (piano) / Dave Solomon (drums) duo Katja Cruz (solo voice) John Russell (guitar) Roger Turner (percussion)

17 April 2011

Mopomoso continues to present the best of improvised music – this month featuring four very different small group settings. Relentless Sebastien Branche (sax) / Artur Vidal (sax) Chris Burn (trumpets) / Matthew Hutchinson (piano) Kay Grant (voice) Satoko Fukuda (violin) / Henry Lowther (trumpet) / John Russell (guitar)

20 March 2011

Mopomoso’s March concert brings you the best in free improvisation with a duo and two trios of impeccable musicianship from the UK, France, Italy and Spain. Roberto Sassi (guitar) / Ricardo Tejero (sax) From fiery explosions to delicate nuance this Italian / Spanish pairing draws influences from Jazz, Rock, Noise,Electronic and Contemporary music. Perfectly mixed in an integrated push/pull of inventiveness. Now resident in London they have become an integral part of the local scene.

20 February 2011

With the very best from the world of free improvisation our February concert highlights both new and established collaborations from a broad spectrum of backgrounds and approaches. Olie Brice (bass) / Neil Metcalfe (flute) Growing out of out of quartet concerts in 2009 with drummer Tony Marsh and saxophonist Mark Hanslip, and then with Tony Marsh and Evan Parker, this duo greatly enjoyed playing together, and shared a desire to explore the possibilities of operating as an acoustic duo, allowing them to explore dynamic areas made impossible by amplification and free jazz drumming!

16 - 17 January 2011

Continuing to celebrate the best in free improvisation Mopomoso starts the year in style with an international line up of from Switzerland, Brazil, Spain, Germany, Italy and the UK with their regular concert series and an extra CD launch concert. Sunday 16 January Rodrigo Montoya / Thomas Rohrer / Michelle Agnes / Marcio Mattos A remarkable group with some of Brazil’s finest improvisers, Montoya and Rohrer’s far from traditional work on the shamisen and rabeca respectively exhibit a keen sense of open exploration, Agnes on piano and Mattos on cello are a delight.
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