The Mopomoso team warmly invites some of John’s longer term collaborators Maggie Nicols Paul G. Smyth Pascal Marzan Dave Tucker to perform at The Vortex in a Mopomoso concert especially for the London Jazz Festival, A Tribute to John Russell.

21 August 2021

Steve Beresford (Solo) Petra Haller, Charlotte Keeffe and Paul Jolly Martin Vishnick and Rick Jensen

15 March 2020

Sothiac SOTHIAC are Pat Moonchy (Voice) and Lucky Liguori (Guitar/Gongs) Ft. special guest Paul Jolly (reeds). Based in London they have toured China, Europe and Japan. Their most recent albums are Sothis (2016) and Erebia Christi (2017) which blend elements of free jazz, landscape, industrial_noise and psychedelic/doom. Over the last twenty years they have played with Faust, Sawada, Angelo Avogadri, Lino Liguori, Angelo Contini, Dirk Dhonau, Lars Nicolaysen. Adrian Northover (Saxophone), Neil Metcalfe (Flute) and Elisa Ulian (Voice) ADRIAN NORTHOVER is based in London, and plays alto and soprano saxophone, and is also involved in sound production.

19 January 2020

‘The Afternoon Sessions’

Presenting some of the finest in free improvisation and now entering our 30th year in an unbroken series of monthly concerts

We are delighted to start this our 30th anniversary year with a programme reflecting the breadth of influences to be found from within the free improvising world.

15 December 2019

A Galaxy of Stars

Every year Mopomoso hosts a cross section of players from the improvising music community in an end of year Christmas show. Around thirty or so musicians take part in a series of five to ten minute sets, some serious some humourous.

Both audience and participants are invited to bring food to share in a celebration of all things improvised. The programme will be changing up to and including the date of performance. A really great way to meet old friends and make new ones and to get a unique glimpse into this vibrant form of music making.

24 November 2019

An afternoon in the company of some amazing improvisors illustrating three very different approaches to small group playing.

20 October 2019

Continuing to celebrate all things improvised Mopomoso’s October concert chiefly comprises some major players associated with the London scene who are also respected members of the international improvising community. (Belgian vocalist Van Schouwburg has built so many connections here that he can be considered an honorary member of the capital’s creative community).

15 September 2019

Trevor Watts (sax) / Veryan Weston (piano) / Marcio Mattos (bass) / Dave Fowler (drums) A superb quartet featuring real legends in the development of the music. Highly recommended. John Russell (guitar) / Pascal Marzan (guitar) Long standing duo coming from different guitar traditions and styles who share a deep love for all things guitar. Very special stuff!

18 - 20 August 2019

Fête Quaqua 2019 Sue Ferrar violin, Benedict Taylor viola, Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg voice, Kay Grant voice, Roland Ramanan trumpet Masaharu Shoji sax, Sue Lynch sax, Alex Ward clarinet/guitar, Steve Beresford piano/electronics, Lee Boyd Allatson drums Ken Ikeda electronics, Blanca Regina electronics, Pascal Marzan guitars, John Russell guitars, Harry Gilonis poetry/words Admission each concert £8 / £6 concessions Three concert pass £20/£15 concessions The basic idea behind all my Quaqua projects is very simple.

28 July 2019

THE AFTERNOON SESSIONS a continuing look into the world of free improvisation from the UK’s longest running concert series dedicated to all things free and improvised. Ian McGowan (trumpet) Hannah Marshall (cello) Marcio Mattos (bass) trio Three highly respected players generating a collective sensibility built on years of experience. The generosity of spirit and genuine love for sharing the mechanics of music making shine through. Real! John Rangecroft (clarinet) solo A rare chance to hear John play solo and also on clarinet, rather than the saxophone Mopomoso regulars will be more familiar with.

16 June 2019

Three sets from the world of free improvisation to enlighten and inspire. Matt Hutchinson (piano), Sue Lynch (sax) & Hutch Demouilpied (trumpet) Another chance to catch the longstanding duo of Sue Lynch – sax/flute and Hutch Demouilpied – trumpet , augmented on this occasion by keyboard player Matt Hutchinson on piano. He brings a further dynamic and perhaps a certain ‘wildcard’ element to their excellent and sometimes uncanny musical rapport.

19 May 2019

Caroline Kraabel (sax) & Neil Metcalfe (flute) The first pairing of the afternoon sees two major players from the London scene who have that rare ability to mix melodic invention with both playfulness and a deep sense of soul. Lullula – Armorel Weston (voice), Kay Grant (voice), Jim Dvorak (trumpet) & Otto Willberg (bass/voice) The name is taken from the woodlark Lullula, known for its heavenly song, and this group use free improvisation to create a joyous and delightful sound, never complacent and full of surprises.
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