15 March 2009

Duo, trio, quartet. Kay Grant, Matt Hutchinson, Hannah Marshall & John Russell No video available

15 February 2009

Duo, sextet, duo.

18 January 2009

Three duos and a solo.

21 December 2008

The complete set list for our 2008 end of year get together. Owing to camera problems not all sets were recorded. However there are still a lot of recordings here so the page will take a little time to download. Rick Jensen (tenor sax), Dominic Lash (bass), Dave Solomon (drums) & Noel Taylor (clarinet) No video available Gabriel Keen (piano), Bob Peachey (alto sax) No video available Adam Bohman (tabletop electronics) & Adrian Northover (soprano sax) Meat Xylophone - Simon Littlefield (guitar) & Nigel Summerly (drums) No video available

16 November 2008

The November concert is an extended one to tie in with the London Jazz festival. Swift are the Winds of Life - Charlie Collins (perc), Beatrix Ward Fernandez (violin) & Yvonna Magda (violin) Steve Beresford (piano) & Satoko Fukuda (violin) The Alan Tomlinson Trio - Alan Tomlinson (trombone), Dave Tucker (guitar) & Roger Turner (percussion) Furt - Richard Barrett & Paul Obermayer (electronics) Evan Parker (sax), John Edwards (bass)& John Russell (guitar)

19 October 2008

Ensemble Progressivo - Ricardo Tejero (sax), Alison Blunt (violin), Adrian Northover (sax), Marcjo Mattos (bass, electronics) & Javier Carmona (perc) Chris Burn (piano) No video available John Russell (guitar) & Stefan Keune (sax)

21 September 2008

Jeff Cloke (live electronics), Dave Draper (guitar) Dominic Lash (bass), Dave Solomon (perc), Garry Todd (sax) Phil Minton (voice), Veryan Weston (piano) Ketil Gutvik (guitar), John Russell (guitar)

20 July 2008

Barkingside - Alex Ward (clarinet), Alexander Hawkins (piano), Dominic Lash (bass) & Paul May (perc) John Edwards (bass) & Adrian Northover (sax) Chefa Alonso (sax), Albert Kaul (piano), John Russell (guitar)

15 June 2008

The Rick Jensen Quartet - Rick Jensen (sax), Phil Somervell (piano), Colin Somervell (bass) & Paul May (perc) Richard Barrett (electronics) & Ute Wassermann (voice) Henry Lowther ( trumpet ) & John Russell ( guitar ) duo

18 May 2008

Arc - Sylvia Hallet (violin), Gus Garside (bass) & Danny Kingshill (cello) John Coxon (guitar), Steve Noble (perc), Pat Thomas (keyboards) & Alan Wilkinson (sax) Lol Coxhill (sax) & John Russell (guitar)

20 April 2008

Furt Richard Barrett & Paul Obermayer (live electronics) Sarah Gail Brand (trombone) & Mark Sanders (perc) John Russell (guitar) & John Butcher (sax)

16 March 2008

Revolver - Kim Johannesen (guitar), Fredrik Kirkevold (perc) duo The Cristophe Charles Quintet - Christophe Charles, Yasutake Watanabe, Hoonoda Kim (all laptops electronics) plus Lisa Koiso and Woo Kyung Son (dance) Jason Robinson (sax), John Russell (guitar) & Roger Turner (perc)
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