16 April 2017

Free improvisation at its finest in ‘London’s listening jazz club’ Steve Beresford (piano,electronics) & Mandhira da Saram (violin) Steve Beresford is a name anyone with an interest in free improvisation should be familiar with. Possessor of a considerable musical intelligence, full of wit and with an inventiveness that has seen him play with some of the world’s finest improvisers, he is always a welcome addition to any Mopomoso bill. He is joined here by Mandhira da Saram, a versatile violinist who works as a soloist, chamber musician and orchestral player and is also a founding member and leader of the Ligeti Quartet.

19 March 2017

This month Mopomoso brings you an afternoon of performances by musicians who are all recognised as stalwarts of this country’s free improvisation scene. Kay Grant (voice), Marcio Mattos (bass and/or cello) & Lawrence Casserley (electronics trio) The first set promises to be fascinating as it features three musicians who will be familiar to all our regulars, but in a new combination. American vocalist Kay Grant has established herself as a firm Mopomoso favourite since settling in London, and here she is joined by two venerable figures.

19 February 2017

This month’s Mopomoso concert in our ‘Afternoon Sessions at The Vortex’ is an all UK programme of small group interplay with seven highly regarded musicians. The Paulinus trio – John Rangecroft (reeds), Marcio Mattos (bass) & Dave Tucker (guitar) A welcome return to Mopomoso from this no nonsense group. Ears open, eyes down and full steam ahead! A constantly shifting musical narrative of depth and clarity. Pat Thomas (keyboards) & Kay Grant (voice) Two musicians featured on the ‘Making Rooms’ 4 CD boxed set (Weekertoft), for which they have received rave reviews, here performing as a duo for the first time.

15 January 2017

More quality free improvisation as we continue our afternoon concert series at The Vortex (details below) Martin Hackett (electronics), Daniel Thompson (guitar) & Phil Wachsmann (violin) A new trio put together by synthesizer player Martin Hackett and, in Phil Wachsmann, featuring one of the finest improvising violinists to be found anywhere. Thompson is a younger guitar player who has over the last few years created quite a buzz with his sensitive, measured playing.

18 December 2016

It’s the End of Year Show!!! Starting at 2.00 p.m at The Vortex this is our final concert before the holidays and as usual will feature a large cast of musicians playing in different groupings and you are invited to bring food to share. We already have some musicians confirmed and the list will be added to right up until the day. We usually get about 50 people taking part and it is lots of fun with a chance to hear and meet up with old friends and also meet and make new ones.

2 - 4 December 2016

I’Klectik Ballistik Friday 2 / Saturday 3 / Sunday 4 December 2016 3 days of improvised music and more. A celebration of the diversity and collective power of improvised music. Dec 2 Friday (doors 7pm) The Mopomoso workshop group Sue Ferrar (violin) performing with film shot during her recent visit to the Discovery Hut Antarctica Peter Marsh (bass), David Ross (electronics) & Andrew Sharpley (electronics) Sarah Gail Brand (trombone) & Mark Sanders (drums) Steve Beresford (piano) & Satoko Fukuda (violin) John Russell (guitar) & Stale Liavik Solberg (percussion) Dec 3 Saturday (doors 1.

20 November 2016

To coincide with the London Jazz Festival, which has almost been going as long as us, Mopomoso is delighted to be able to present this international bill with musicians from Sweden, Chile and Japan performing with their UK counterparts and celebrating both the unity and diversity to be found within the world of free improvisation. Continuing our 25th anniversary afternoon series at The Vortex – address in the footer at the bottom of this page

17 October 2016

After the success of the first in our series of workshop concerts featuring the Mopomoso workshop group with the duo of Natalie Sandtorv (voice) and Ole Mofjell (drums) the group welcomes saxophonist Per Gardin to join in the fun. The residents will play the first set followed by a set from Per and then they will play together.

16 October 2016

Gus Garside (bass) & Annie Kerr (violin) As well as this duo Gus Garside plays with string trio Arc and in Static Memories. He is also instrumental in running the highly regarded Safehouse music events in Brighton. Annie also lives in Brighton playing in a wide variety of settings and styles and where she also teaches music. Their music ranges between the intense to the pastoral. From the lyrical to the dramatic.

18 September 2016

Edward Lucas (trombone), Daniel Kordik (electronics) & Ken Ikeda (electronics) trio A finely detailed and expressive group that is both elegant and eloquent. All aspects of sound production are scrutinised and employed as valid musical material which in turn gives an immersive and complete listening experience. Not on The Guest list – Ole Mofjell (drums) & Natalie Sandtorv (voice) This young Norwegian duo have been active for a couple of years now and play with a lot of energy and relish for the rough and tumble world of free improvisation.

21 - 23 August 2016

Fête Quaqua 2016 Both the audience and the musicians share in the discovery of a music as it happens, making for a uniquely rewarding experience. An international cast of musicians will be playing in a variety of different combinations, which won’t be repeated, ensuring that no two shows will be the same. Ståle Liavik Solberg (drums/percussion) Adam Linson (bass, electronics) Paul G. Smyth (piano) John Russell (guitar) Alice Eldridge (cello, feedback cello) Stefan Keune (saxophone) Julia Kjaer (saxophone, flute) Chris Burn (trumpet, piano, electronics) Martin Mayes (french horn, alphorn) Edward Lucas (trombone) Charlotte Hug (viola, voice) Mia Zabelka (violin, voice) Ute Wassermann (voice & birdcall whistles/resonating objects) Maggie Nicols (voice) Lawrence Casserley (electronics) ABOUT THE MUSICIANS Ståle Liavik Solberg (drums/percussion) Ståle Liavik Solberg has made a base for himself within Oslo’s thriving improvised music scene where he plays a central role as one of the driving forces behind the series Blow Out!

17 July 2016

Terry Day (drums) & David Panton (saxophone / piano) Two highly motivated and individual musicians who first met on the emergent free music scene in the early seventies. Over the years Terry and David have played with an international Who’s Who of improvised music whilst constantly developing and nurturing their own unique work. To much acclaim they recently renewed their acquaintance at the Mopomoso end of year show and we are delighted that they have returned to play a full set.
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