19 June 2016

Our 25th anniversary series continues with a close look at solo and duo playing Faith Brackenbury (violin) & Martin Speake (sax) Faith and Martin have backgrounds in jazz, folk and classical music and share a delight in improvising. Martin has been described as ‘one of the most interesting and rewarding alto saxophonists now playing jazz on any continent.” (Thomas Conrad – Jazz Times) and together with Faith their music takes the listener on a lyrical journey of timeless melodic invention.

15 May 2016

Mopomoso’s 25th anniversary afternoon sessions continue with three very different sets from the wonderful world of free improvisation. John Rangecroft (sax), Dave Tucker (guitar), Marcio Mattos (bass) & Mark Sanders (drums) Highly respected reedsman Rangecroft, here on tenor saxophone, leading his own quartet which promises melodic and rhythmic invention of a high calibre. With three of the UK’s finest providing a propulsive energy, a great way to open proceedings. Matilda Rolfsson (perc), Hannah Marshall (cello) & Julie Kjaer (sax) Outstanding Danish saxophonist, British cellist and Norwegian percussionist join forces in an ever changing trialogue full of ideas and invention, brimming with energy and a genuine sense of fun.

17 April 2016

Four enthralling sets celebrating the diversity of musical approaches to be found in the world of free improvisation. All are making their Mopomoso debuts. Matthias Boss (violin), Phil Gibbs (guitar), Marcello Magliocchi (percussion) & Jean Michel van Schouwburg (voice) Delighted to welcome this new quartet with members from Italy, Belgium, Switzerland and the UK. Expect a fiery, constantly changing sonic brew linked by keen listening and quick fire interaction. Ola Paulson (saxophone) Swedish saxophonist Ola Paulson works in the field between experimental jazz/improvisation and contemporary music with a focus on investigating the tension between composition and improvisation.

20 March 2016

Viv Corringham (voice), Hannah Marshall (cello) Two remarkable musicians with an insatiable appetite for playing and a seemingly endless supply of inventiveness. Players with a generous spirit and unafraid to take chances they are two Mopomoso favourites! A delight to have them here again, this time in their Mopomoso debut as a duo. https://www.vivcorringham.org/ https://www.hannahmarshall.net/ Inclusion principle – Martin Archer (electronic keyboards, laptop, saxophones, clarinets, recorders), Hervé Perez (laptop, saxophones) & Peter Fairclough (drums and percussion) A well established Sheffield based trio, Inclusion Principle inhabit a space between electronics, nu-jazz, contemporary electroacoustic music and free improvisation.

21 February 2016

John Jasnoch (guitar), Derek Saw (valve trombone) & Adam Woolfe (clarinet and piano) Excellent Sheffield-based trio with Saw and Jasnoch last appearing here as part of The Linda Sharrock group. Also forming part of the Sonny Simmons UK quartet, they are joined here by Adam Woolfe, whose other work has included the Kenneth Marx hip hop collective and releases under the name Tantric Doctors. Matt Hutchinson (piano) From art school with Terry Nillson-Love via jazz groups with, amongst others, Mike Osborne, these days Hutchinson is best known for both his electronic and acoustic work with Chris Burn and Phil Wachsmann.

17 January 2016

Now celebrating our 25th year of an unbroken concert series dedicated solely to free improvisation the first concert of this anniversary year features three fascinating duos, each containing one of the three surviving members from the last version of Mal Dean’s Amazing Band, a group that first performed at Ronnie Scotts in 1973. Terry Day (drums) & Billy Steiger (violin) Terry Day should need no introduction to followers of improvised music.

20 December 2015

The Mopomoso Xmas Xtravaganza is a cross between a party and a celebration of all things improvised, celebrating the music in a series of 5 – 10 minute cameo sets: Lynch / Thompson Nortey / Ren / Bennett Martin Vishnick Casserley / Hackett Stoddart / Ross Hallett / Hutchinson / Sands / Wang / Pignon Bohman / Northover Eastley / Beresford / Solberg Mackness / Minton / Blunt / Bennett Brie / Gurung / Day Chapman / West / Hutchinson Panton / Day Grant / Weston Chen / Wang / Hallett / Morris / Russell Tomlinson / Wilkinson / Tucker / Solberg The Mopomoso Team (Chondros/ Eyles/ Grant/ Russell/ Tucker)

15 November 2015

Our November special this year is a multi national feast of free improvisation giving a glimpse into some of the different approaches to be found in this vibrant music. With a fuller programme than usual, the music will start at 2.00 pm so please arrive on time to to avoid disappointment. Tickets can be booked via the Vortex. MOLIMO – Spain Chefa Alonso (sax/perc) Barbara Meyer (cello) Cova Villages (voice)

18 October 2015

Continuing to present the very finest of musical free improvisation this month’s Mopomoso concert is a first rate international double bill with musicians from Argentina, Germany, Sweden and the UK. Engaging music from the UK’s longest running series dedicated to free improvisation, now approaching our 25th year. John Butcher (saxophone), Emilio Gordoa (vibes) & Nicola Hein (guitar) All three of these highly respected musicians have expressed an interest in form and texture as important elements in their music and each has their own view on using them.

27 September 2015

Continuing to present the very finest of musical free improvisation, Mopomoso brings you four sets – of which one is a UK debut, two are new to the club and the fourth is the return of an old favourite. Engaging music from the UK’s longest running series dedicated to free improvisation, now approaching its 25th year. Viv Corringham (voice) & Shaun Blezard (electronics) NB: John Russell appeared instead of Shaun Blezard who was ill.

16-18 August 2015

Fete Quaqua 2015 Fourteen musicians from seven countries appear in different combinations over three concerts. Each concert begins and ends with a Tutti improvisation. Set 1: Tutt Set 2: Eastley / Fukuda / Solberg / Strandberg / Ward Set 3: Lauro / Zabelka Set 4: Burn / Marshall / Nørstebø / Watanabe Set 5: Eastley / Lauro / Russell / Solberg / Smyth / Winters Set 6: Burn / Eastley / Russell / Solberg / Ward Set 7: Fukuda / Lauro / Smyth / Strandberg / Winters Set 8: Eastley / Nørstebø Set 9: Marshall / Russell / Smyth / Zabelka / Watanabe Set 10: Burn/ Nørstebø/ Strandberg/ Ward/ Watanabe/ Winters/ Zabelka Set 11: Fukuda / Russell Set 12: Tutti Chris Burn (trumpet, piano) UK www.

19 July 2015

Neil Metcalfe (flute) & John Rangecroft (reeds) Dave Tucker (guitar), Hannah Marshal (cello) & Steve Noble (drums) (sax) & Veryan Weston (piano)
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