Monday 19 August 2013

Tutti Smyth, Solberg, Houtkamp, Casserley Blunt, Musson, Linson, Russell Burn, Lauro. Wassermann, Eldridge Blunt, Burn, Solbderg, Linson, Musson Houtkamp, Wassermann, Casserley Eldridge, Blunt, Linson Smyth, Eldridge, Lauro, Russell Tutti

18 August 2013

Tutti Linson, Musson, Smyth Burn, Casserley, Eldridge, Lauro ### Houtkamp, Russell, Solberg Blunt, Wassermann Blunt, Burn, Lauro, Linson Casserley, Houtkamp, Lauro, Musson, Smyth, Solberg Eldridge , Russell, Wassermann Tutti

21 July 2013

Jim Dvorak (trumpet) & Mark Hewins (guitar) SCATTER – Dave Tucker (guitar), Pat Thomas (keyboards), Phil Minton (voice) & Roger Turner (drums) TRIO BLURB – Maggie Nicols (voice), John Russell (guitar) & Mia Zabelka (violin,voice)

Tuesday 18 June 2013

Gunther Christmann, Elke Schipper and John Russell at Arch 1 presenting a programme of music, sound poetry and film An extra concert from our usual monthly series.

16 June 2013

BARK – Phil Marks (drums), Paul Obermayer (electronics) & Rex Casswell (guitar) Audrey Lauro (saxophone) Gunter Christmann (trombone,cello), Elke Schipper (sound poetry), Le Quan Ninh (percussion) & John Russell (guitar)

19 May 2013

KOOK – Jorn Erik Ahlsen (guitar, live electronics) & Stian Larsen (guitar, live electronics) Diatribes – Cyril Bondi (floor tom, objects) & d’incise (laptop, objects) Phil Minton (voice) & John Russell (guitar) duo

21 April 2013

Caroline Kraabel (alto sax/voice), John Edwards (bass) & Richard E Harrison (drums) Dario Fariello (saxophone) Adam Linson (bass, electronics) & John Russell (guitar)

17 March 2013

Guillermo Torres (flgl/tpt), Marcio Mattos (cello) & Adrian Northover (sax) Reciprocal Uncles – Gianni Mimmo (sop sax), Gianni Lenoci (pno) & Christiano Calcagnile (drms) Mark Sanders (drms), Alison Blunt (vln), Elaine Mitchener (voc) & John Russell (gtr)

17 February 2013

KIPPLE - Ian Simpson (electronics), Derek Saw (trumpet/flugelhorn), Shaun Blezard (electronics), Herve Perez (saxophone), John Jasnoch (guitars) & Charlie Collins (drums/percussion) Kay Grant (voice) & Alex Ward (clarinet) John Russell (guitar) & Phil Wachsmann (violin)

20 January 2013

Owing to adverse weather conditions the programme became three duos. Dominic Lash unable to join Stefan Keune and Steve Noble and Henry Lowther not appearing with Satoko Fukuda and John Russell. Stefan Keune (sax) & Steve Noble (drums) Hannah Marshall (cello) & Paul G. Smyth (piano) Satkoko Fukuda (violin) & John Russell (guitar)

16 December 2012

Mopomoso end of year party. Sets posted in order of performance. There are many videos on this page so it will take time to download.

18 November 2012

Eun-Jung Kim (komungo), John Jasnoch (oud, banjo – uke) & Charlie Collins (waterphone, perc) Jean Michel van Schouwburg (voice), Adam Bohman (electronics) & Jean Jacques Duerinickx (sax) Fernando Perales (prepared guitar, electronics) MOLIMO - Chefa Alonso (sax-percussion), Barbara Meyer (cello), Cova Villages (voice) Edoardo Marraffa (sax) & Nicola Guazzaloca (piano) Pascal Marzan (guitar) & John Russell (guitar)
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