21 April 2019

Four world class duos showcasing the diversity and excellence found in free improvisation

17 March 2019

A continuing series presenting some of the best from the world of free improvisation

17 February 2019

Viv Corringham & Mia Zabelka Viv Corringham (vocals) makes a welcome return to the Mopomoso stage, this time in the company of another of our ‘out of town regulars’ Austrian violinist / vocalist Mia Zabelka. Delighted to have them back in what will be their debut performance as a duo. Alison Blunt, Lawrence Casserley & Hannah Marshall A fine trio put together by leading electronic music practitioner Casserley and featuring two of the UK’s leading string players in Blunt on violin and Marshall on cello.

20 January 2019

GUITARS! Electric, acoustic, micro-tonal, plectrum, prepared, finger style, steel, nylon, hollow and solid body. Showcasing a number of approaches to the instrument Mopomoso starts the New Year with an all guitar special featuring Matthew Grigg, Mark Hewins, Ross Lambert, Pascal Marzan, John Russell, Dave Tucker, Alex Ward and Joshua Weitzel. “It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got a string!”

16 December 2018

Mopomoso presents our end of year Christmas Party Every year Mopomoso hosts a variety of musicians from across the free improvised music scene to come and play in a series of five to ten minute cameo sets. It is a wonderful way to catch up with old favourites and to check out new players in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. As well as the music there will be refreshments and a raffle.

18 November 2018

November’s concert in the Mopomoso Afternoon Sessions series highlights the music of the duo with five contrasting sets from ten musicians who have each developed their own personal approach to playing. An engaging mixture of the electric and the acoustic, music doesn’t get liver or more lively than this! Tom Jackson (clarinet) & Martin Hackett (synthesiser) Blanca Regina (voice and electronics) & Dave Tucker (piano and devices) Matt Hutchinson (piano) & Chris Burn (trumpet) Kay Grant (voice) & Alex Ward (clarinet) Niklas Fite (guitar) & John Russell (guitar) duo Niklas photo Christina Marx John by Peter Gannushkin

21 October 2018

Welcoming in the Winter season with a stunning international line up of four sets, featuring some of the finest music from the world of free improvisation from around the world. Alex Maguire (piano) & Simon Picard (sax) A deeply rooted sense of harmony and melody are tightly locked into the improvisations from this respected and much loved duo. Delighted to have them on a return visit to Mopomoso. Yoko Miura (piano), Stefan Keune (sax) & Mia Zabelka (violin) We play host to a first time meeting for this international trio coming here from Germany, Japan and Austria.

16 September 2018

A continuing series featuring some of the finest from the world of free improvisation. Three very different sets illustrating some of the constant delights to be found in free improvisation. Do come and give your ears a treat!

19 - 21 August 2018

Fête Quaqua 2018 19th – 21st August Put together each year by guitarist John Russell Fête Quaqua aims for old friends to get together and meet new ones in an atmosphere of in the moment, never to be repeated, musical invention. Free improvisation is unique in that the audience and musicians discover the music at the same time and this makes for a genuine engagement with the creative process. The musicians taking part this year come from a mix of backgrounds and experiences which should lead to some very exciting exchanges.

15 July 2018

As part of its ‘Afternoon Sessions’ Mopomoso presents three contrasting duos of freely improvised music. Paul Pignon (clarinet, bass clarinet) & Richard Sanderson (amplified melodeon) Based in Sweden, Paul Pignon has been involved with improvised music since the 1960s. He is joined by Linear Obsessional founder and head man Richard Sanderson. Noel Meek (electronics) & Alan Wilkinson (sax) duo New Zealander Noel Meek brings his special blend of electronics to bear on the colossal saxophone of Flim Flam boss Alan Wilkinson.

17 June 2018

A continuing series featuring some of the best from the world of free improvisation Bouche Bée – John Eyles (alto saxophone), Petri Huurinainen (guitar) & Emmanuelle Waeckerlé (voice) Bouche Bée (the name is a French expression meaning “open-mouthed” or “speechless”) was formed in 2005 by vocalist Emmanuelle Waeckerlé and guitarist Petri Huurinainen. Music-writer and saxophonist John Eyles joined in the Spring of 2017. Three individual voices listening and responding together shape Bouche Bée music.

20 May 2018

The very best from the world of improvised music in the intimate setting of “London’s listening Jazz club” Sylvia Hallett (violin) & Ian McGowan (trumpet) Two much loved figures on the London free improvisation scene both Sylvia and Ian display a real love of play within their music. Sometimes letting the music run ahead, sometimes reacting in a split second, they maintain a constant creative vigilance and a deep sense of musicality.
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