21 November 2010

Following on from the success of Fête Quaqua and to coincide with this year´s London Jazz festival, Mopomoso host an extended concert with a distinctly Anglo-Japanese flavour, again under the banner of guitarist John Russell´s Quaqua (note the early start). With cutting edge music from a changing pool of some of the finest and most innovative improvisers around, playing in an environment where creativity is given full reign, this marks the UK debut appearances of violinist Hideaki Shimada and pianist Yoko Arai.

15 November 2010

Premiere of episode six from Mopomoso TV featuring improvised music from around the world. Come and join us in the chat room

19 September 2010

Stefano Giust (drums) / Noel Taylor (clarinet) / Steve Beresford (piano) A welcome visit from Stefano Giust – a tireless organiser and promoter of improvised music in his native Italy and founder of the Setola di Maiale label. A sensitive and creative improviser who also works as a composer for film and video he is joined by London based musicians Noel Taylor and Steve Beresford in this debut outing.

17 August 2010

Third and final day of Fete Quaqua 2010. Sets in order of preformance.

16 August 2010

Second day of Fete Quaqua 2010

15 August 2010

First day of John Russell’s annual Fete Quaqua which took place on the 15th, 16th and 17th of August 2010. Originally used as a name for a weekly club for improvised music, the first Quaqua groups performed in the early 1980’s under the heading ‘Fete Quaqua’ at the now defunct London Musicians’ Collective building in Camden Town. The basic idea behind all Quaqua projects being to extend existing collaborations in juxtaposition with new groupings and thus provide a fertile ground for free improvisation.

18 July 2010

Klammer/Gruendler duo Josef Klammer (drums, electronics)/ Seppo Gründler (guitar to midi, electronics) Klammer & Gruendler have been working on the implementation of their “New Improvised Electronic Music” for over 20 years, creating pieces like Razionalnik – first multilateral telematic midi concert, Im Trockenraum – Austria’s first earphones concert for 100 earphones, RGB – synchronizing two ensembles (Berlin/Graz) via TV pictures, numerous sound installations, music for theatre and radiophonic pieces. A rare chance to hear the groundbreaking duo in this their UK debut.

20 June 2010

Garside / Powell duo Gus Garside (bass,electronics) / Dan Powell (small percussion,laptop,guitar) A well established Brighton based duo of some standing with revered bass player and sound installation artist “… have an interest in modern composition as well as improvising and seem to combine both, recalling the rigorous acoustic soundscapes of the avant-garde and a number of sideways leaps into unknown territories.” -Gravitational Pull Guillaume Viltard (bass) solo French bass player, now based in London, where he has established a firm reputation for his inventive and imaginative music.

16 May 2010

WARY Angel Faraldo (computer) / Yolanda Uriz (flute) / Ricardo Tejero (reeds) / Will Connor (percussion) Cutting edge computer powerhouse Angel Faraldo’s latest project brings together sensitive flute, angular melodic reeds and textural percussion in a far reaching sonic landscape from this intriguing UK and Netherlands based quartet, here to record their first CD. Elisabeth Harnik solo piano Austrian pianist making a debut appearance for Mopomoso, Elisabeth has been awarded many prizes for her compelling work, with festival appearances as far afield as Europe, the USA and China.

18 April 2010

Corringham / Tucker duo Viv Corringham ( voice ) / Dave Tucker ( guitar ) Viv Corringham is a British vocalist, currently based in Minneapolis, who has worked internationally since the early 1980s. She makes performances, audio installations and soundwalks. Regular collaborators include Peter Cusack and Charles Hayward in the UK and Milo Fine in the US. After an early involvement with the Manchester Rock scene, touring and recording with The Fall, Dave Tucker moved to London in the mid 80s where he has performed with musicians as divers as Andy Sheppard, Roger Turner, Dudu Pukwana and Phil Minton.

21 March 2010

Steve Beresford (piano ) & Ute Kanngieser (cello ) Steve Beresford is a highly imaginative musician with a depth of knowledge across all musical genres. Much in demand as a collaborator in a multitude of projects, working across the full spectrum from free improvisation through jazz-based material to pop, reggae and MOR songs and on to fully scored music for film and dance. He is joined for a first time duo pairing with London Improvisers Orchestra partner, cellist Ute Kanngieser (AMM and Treehouse)

28 February 2010

Stephen Grew (piano) & Mick Beck (reeds) Stephen and Mick are two fine musicians and prime movers in their respective towns of Lancaster and Sheffield. Between them they have worked in the UK and abroad with musicians such as Derek Bailey, Andy Sheppard, Keith Tippett, Evan Parker and Louis Moholo. Grew has developed his own series of scales and motifs which he uses as building blocks in conjunction with Beck’s continuing re-invention of the saxophone and unusually in improvisation, the bassoon.
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