21 October 2012

Leon Michener (clavichord/piano) & Neil Metcalf (flute) Viv Corringham (voice) & Dave Tucker (guitar) Dominic Lash (bass) & Chris Cundy (clarinets) Yoko Arai (piano) & John Russell (guitar)

16 September 2012

Simon Rose (saxophone) A welcome chance to hear the remarkable saxophonist in a rare solo visit to this country. ‘Rose transforms the instrument into an orchestra; effect is superseded, or rather transmogrified, moving away from virtuosic display and becoming an essential part of the instrumental language..’ ‘free but absolutely logical, the best blend of spontaneity and improvisation imaginable…’ Cadence Roland Ramanan (trumpet), Tom Jackson (clarinet) & Daniel Thompson (guitar) Highly thought of London based trio displaying a keen sense of space and intimacy with spirited invention.

21 August 2012

Fête Quaqua Day Three

20th August 2012

Fête Quaqua 2012 Day Two

19 August 2012

Fête Quaqua 2012 Day One

15 July 2012

Kryscraft Marjolaine Charbin (piano) & Frans Van Isacker (sax) Alan Tomlinson trio Alan Tomlinson (trombone), Dave Tucker (guitar) & Phil Marks (drums) John Russell (guitar) & Phil Wachsmann (violin) duo

17 June 2012

Chris Burn (trumpet) – Matt Hutchinson (piano) Mark Browne (castrato saxophone / percussion) – Sonic Pleasure (bricks / masonry / metal) – Ian Smith (trumpet) Steve Beresford (piano) – John Russell (guitar)

20 May 2012

Anton Mobin (electronics) Giorgio Albanese (accordion) / Ricardo Tejero (sax) / duo Sylvia Hallett (violin plus) / Anna Homler (voice) duo Kay Grant (voice) / Matthew Ostrowski (electronics) / John Russell (guitar) / Dave Solomon (drums)

15 April 2012

Matt Hutchinson (piano) / Dave Solomon (drums) Viv Corringham (voice) / Alison Blunt (violin) Pascal Marzan (guitar) / John Russell (guitar)

18 March 2012

Nick Malcolm (trumpet) / Olie Brice (bass) / Roger Turner (percussion) Dave Tucker (piano) Chefa Alonso (sax,percussion) / Barbara Meyer (cello) / Cova Villegas (voice) Roger Turner (percussion) / John Russell (guitar)

19 February 2012

Nina De Heney (bass) / Lisa Ullen (piano) Gianni Mimmo / Harri Sjoestrom (soprano saxophones) John Butcher (sax) / Dominic Lash (bass) / John Russell (guitar) trio

15 January 2012

Alison Blunt (violin) / Dave Leahy (bass) / Tony Marsh (drums, percussion) Caroline Kraabel (saxophone) / Veryan Weston (piano) Kay Grant (voice) / Hannah Marshall (cello) Satoko Fukuda (violin) / Henry Lowther (trumpet) / John Russell (guitar)
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